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Industrial design seen by an industrial designer

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I do all it takes to bring an idea from the mind to the shelf

About Me

My name is Luca Floreanini, I am an industrial designer and since 1993 I have been collaborating as a freelance designer with Italian and European companies in the ideation and development of new products

In Work as in Life I love to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect, because I believe these are the fundamental values on which anything is built.

No projects are more important than others, big or small, my commitment is the same, as is the passion and enthusiasm for my work.

When you entrust me with a project, I create it for you as if it was mine. You will not regret it.

Thank you and happy browsing.

What I Design

Glasses, chairs, tables, flatirons, espresso coffee machines, flasks, hinges for eyeglasses, armchairs, household articles, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, scanners, shoes, tanning beds, motocross masks,high pressure water jet machines, ski poles, food containers, bike panniers, lamps...
These are just some of the projects developed during my business.

What I do

I do all it takes to bring an idea from the mind to the shelf.
Imagining and building a product is a long process achieved through different stages and skills.

Paper costs less than iron.

Today the use of paper during the designing process is figurative and iron
in many cases is not used anymore, but the concept still holds.

Design well to avoid:

  • Mistakes;
  • Waste of time;
  • Contingencies;
  • Increased costs;
  • Dissapointing end result.

Do the right things in their order to:

  • Save time and money;
  • Stay in budget;
  • Achieve the desired result.

My Services

  • Consulting for materials and technology
  • Supplier management and research
  • Drafting
  • Prototype and aestethic model development
  • CAD3d modelling
  • Rendering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product industrialization

How we can collaborate

I am a freelancer and when we work together I become part of your team, I come to your company and connect with your suppliers and collaborators.
No costly or heavy structures to maintain.
You only pay my enthusiasm, passion and the experience of someone who has been doing this job since 1993.

First step

To design your products, I need to know you well.
All companies have a story, made of men and women and what they think, project and develop is a figment of their DNA.
Every company communicates through their products the following values:

  • Quality;
  • Aestethic sense;
  • Personality;
  • Identifiability.

It’s fundamental that the design reflects and delivers these values.
I will ask many questions... now you know why.


My quotes are not estimates.
They are detailed and exact.

No misunderstanding on what is or isn’t included in the offer or on the type of graphics produced.

Making it easier for you to understand and attribute value to my work.

Once all the necessary information is gathered, you will receive your quote no later than 3 business days.

The quote is free and non-binding.


In my contracts you will find only what’s important:

  • Your requests;
  • What I will do;
  • The day of consignment;
  • Compensation and terms of payment.

Different situations ask for different solutions, choose the contract that suits you best:

When the task, with its goals and consignment dates, is well established.

Temporary Contracts
When ongoing consulting is needed to manage an undefined number of tasks.


Each project is different, and so are the necessary investments for their implementation.
Every business owner wants to manage their economic resources in the best way possible, and having the opportunity to choose between different methods of payments is a key factor:

Pay the established amount in the contract at the following method:

  • 30% down payment on the day of project commission
  • Final payment up to 30 days from consignment.

Pay out
Pay the established amount in the contract in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Pay a percentage of the sale revenue of the product:

  • No initial designing costs;
  • I take part in the entrepreneurial risk;
  • Pay only when you start selling.


All digital and graphic designs that I elaborate upon your request are of my intellectual property, as set out in Art. 1 of the Copyright Act.

With the signature on the contract and upon compensation, the commercial exploitation rights of what has been designed become of your exclusive ownership.

My newsletter

I put my face, words and even videos to tell my point of view on the world of industrial design.
I created this newsletter to give you new interesting suggestions on materials and technologies, prototyping and new products.